Joey the rapper.

Joey the rapper was chillin’ at his crib with all the boys, until one of them said that they should get a bag of sweet sweet grengo. Mickey-T, a good friend of Joy said the following
"What’s the situation guys, how much money have we got?"
Silence filled the room and the gangsters went silent.
With everyone looking confused Mickey-T added “I thought so fools.”
Brian Big Chain came up with a brilliant idea of stealing the bag with 100% success rate. Every one was really excited and followed Brian Big Chain’s plan.

Half way there Joey the rapper stopped by a burial service building and he got hypnotised by their slogan “Ashes to ashes”
With everyone looking concerned, Mickey-T asked Joey if he’s ok.
Joey didn’t respond.
After a while Joey looked at the gang and said…
"Guys, I am a dealer! I have infinite amounts of weed under my house. We must have smoked amnesia last haha"
Joey and the gang laughed and laughed, they then went home and got baked.

Moral of the story is, you never know who you are until you’re sober. 

Pokémon Daycare

You know when you leave your Pokemon in daycare and totally forget about it and then the Pokemon is like…